EUGENIO 2.0 is a complete IoT platform that ensures governance and security for the development and integration of IoT applications.

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EUGENIO 2.0 is an end-to-end IoT platform that enables companies to implement IoT solutions simply and quicklywith security, governance, availability and guaranteed scalability.

The platform abstracts connectivity, management, device security, storage and data processing issues, allowing companies to focus on their business, while also providing resources to accelerate the adoption of IoT solutions and support the digital transformation of companies in different industries. The platform, developed with Microsoft Azure IoT, is locateda in the cloudwhich allows flexible decision making.


The platform combines device security infrastructure, cloud data storage and processing, analytics and business rules workflow. Developed on Microsoft Azure IoT Central, EUGENIO 2.0 has a simple pricing structure that is proportional to consumption, which allows the development of applications for the Internet of Things in a simple, fast and scalable way.

Device Manager

Centralize the management of connected devices and the generated data on a single platform.

Computing / Storage

Processing capacity and cloud storage.

Big Data

Centralization of data from new or legacy sources, enabling the identification of correlations and advanced analysis.

Decision Making

Create customizable rules and actions that enable automated decision-making based on the collected information.


Data analysis to find patterns and relevant information for decision-making.

App Performance

Indicates the availability of applications, interruptions and slowdowns, and helps in the search for the root cause.


Customizable dashboard where you can view metrics and monitor the health of connected devices.

Datalog Manager

Datalog of device failures or problems, especially command and drive failures.

Device Security

Security layer for the communication protocols of devices connected to the platform.



Delivery of Big Data and Analytics capabilities for data storage and processing 100% integrated to the other services in the platform.


Predictable business model, with charges proportional to what is used, which follows the maturity of the customer’s business and can be scaled as needed.


Development and integration of IoT applications – a platform for Digital Transformation.


Possibility of adopting managed services, allowing the customer to focus on their business.


Possibility of creating new use cases with centralized data available on the platform;


Customization for the customer’s specific use case and possible integration with other platforms.


It is cloud-based, on Microsoft Azure IoT, and relies on data storage in its Big Data engine providing scalability, security and compliance.


APIs that facilitate device integrations to the cloud layer.


Ability to automate business results through analysis mechanisms.


Connection and centralization of data from different sources and visibility of devices to data visualization, as it is an end-to-end platform.